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With more than a decade of experience helping Metro Atlanta area residents get the best possible outcome in their family law cases, Hopkins Law in Decatur, GA, has the legal expertise you need in your corner. If you're still unsure that our exceptional services can give you the help you've been looking for, check out our reviews before giving us a call at 678-954-5786.

My first encounter with Taylor was when we had questions about our rights based on our existing agreement. Taylor not only answered all my questions, he provided expert advice and paths forward far beyond a free consultation. About a year later, my step father filed for full physical custody of my brother against my mom. Because of our first experience, we immediately contacted Taylor. As many of you know, this can be extremely stressful. I'll also mention, my mother and I are naturally pretty high strong in addition to the stress caused by this situation.

Taylor always remained calm; explained things in a manner easily understood by my mother and I; and ALWAYS acted with the utmost professionalism. His fees were more than reasonable based on the research we had done. He was also half the cost of what my step father paid for the same case to a large high profile law firm. We got more than our monies worth. I cannot say enough that he is the attorney I would recommend to any mother or father fighting for what is best for their children. I not only highly recommend him, but will say you're better having him on your side as an attorney than to take the chance of facing him in court.

Ashley S.

I met Mr. Hopkins after being FED UP with lack of progress on my case. I, like many people, was trying to get child support from an NCP who refused to pay a dime for years. I already had a case open with my local child support office but unfortunately, I don't live in Georgia where the NCP lived and therefore, trying to communicate between 2 child support offices in an interstate case was next to impossible.

After a year of dealing with CSS, I had enough!! I found Mr. Hopkins and couldn't have been happier. Not only was he able to expedite the process faster than I've ever seen with CSS but he is truly a breathe of fresh air. He's always been available to answer any questions I've had and even when he couldn't get back to me within a day, he always was there to let me know what was going on with my case. My only regret was that if I had Mr. Hopkins with me when my child support order was 1st set, I wouldn't have needed him later to clean up this mess later on.

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone in a similar situation who thinks they can't afford an attorney, it would be: STOP WAITING FOR CSS!! In the time it takes for a local child support office to do NOTHING, you could've been already saving to hire someone like Mr. Hopkins by now.

Kaelynne D.

Taylor is great at his profession! He's very knowledgeable about how the court system works and what to expect in different scenarios. He is easy to communicate with and very responsive anytime his assistance is needed. If I ever need someone to represent me again in the future, Hopkins Law will be the first call I make. Thanks Taylor!

Phillip L.

My experience with Tayor at Hopkins Law was perfect from start to finish. Taylor went above and beyond to take care of my case. Starting the journey into the legal matter I was sure that it would be a huge headache but Taylor took care of everything and was always available to update me and answer my many questions.

Amber S.

Highly recommended

We turned to Taylor when life threw us two potentially hazardous curve balls at once. His vast knowledge of the law and evenness of temperament were a great comfort as we navigated these challenges to the best possible outcome. Highly recommended.

S M.


Very helpful

I had a question about filing a complaint for divorce pro se. I needed a quick answer to a question about one of the documents. I am a senior citizen on a limited income, so I cannot afford to hire a lawyer. My question was answered along with some additional helpful information. I was very pleased and grateful that somebody was willing to help me.

Barbara J.


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