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With more than a decade of experience helping Metro Atlanta area residents get the best possible outcome in their family law cases, Hopkins Law in Decatur, GA, has the legal expertise you need in your corner. If you’re still unsure that our exceptional services can give you the help you’ve been looking for, check out our reviews before giving us a call at 678-954-5786.

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We turned to Taylor when life threw us two potentially hazardous curve balls at once. His vast knowledge of the law and evenness of temperament were a great comfort as we navigated these challenges to the best possible outcome. Highly recommended.

S M.


Very helpful

I had a question about filing a complaint for divorce pro se. I needed a quick answer to a question about one of the documents. I am a senior citizen on a limited income, so I cannot afford to hire a lawyer. My question was answered along with some additional helpful information. I was very pleased and grateful that somebody was willing to help me.

Barbara J.


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