Is Your Partner Flouting Your Divorce Decree?

Hopkins Law in Decatur & Gwinnett County, GA, will work hard to ensure your parenting plan is followed

Usually based on the failure of one parent, contempt claims exist to enforce an existing court order. While contempt claims are commonly related to nonpayment of child support, it can also apply to interference with visitation rights as well as other matters related to legal custody arrangements.

Ensure the terms of your existing order are enforced by calling Hopkins Law in Decatur, GA. We will work hard to have the court in the Metro Atlanta area enforce orders and consequences should your former partner refuse to follow those rules.

Interfering with custody that's been ordered by the court has serious consequences other than being in contempt of the order. In Georgia, if the non-custodial parents keep a child under the age of 17 away from the custodial parent, they could be charged with a misdemeanor. Even interfering only once is grounds for fines or time in jail.

If the child is taken out of state after the expiration of the legal period, the offense becomes a felony. Don't let your former partner flout the rules set by the Decatur, GA, courtroom.

With more than a decade of experience, our attorney has the expertise needed to ensure your former partner is held accountable. Call Hopkins Law at 678-954-5786 when you want to enforce the court's orders.

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