Establish Paternity in the Eyes of the Law

Work with a child legitimacy lawyer in Decatur & Gwinnett County, GA

When a legitimacy case appears in court, a judge will make the final decision in the best interest of the illegitimate child. By working with a child legitimacy lawyer, you can pursue your legal parental rights as a father.

Hopkins Law, LLC offers assistance with legitimacy cases in Decatur and Atlanta, GA. This includes determining the paternity of an illegitimate child.

With legitimacy clearly established, you can also seek out:

  • Visitation rights. This allows you to spend time with your child on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Legal custody. This means you and the child's other parent will share legal custody equally.
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How does it work?

An unmarried father gets his legal parental rights by filing a petition for legitimation. If the paternity of an illegitimate child hasn't been established, the alleged father can file a combined petition for paternity and legitimacy.

A mother can also bring up a petition for paternity. In this instance, the alleged father can bring a counterclaim to establish legitimacy in the event that he is the biological father. Without an establishment of legitimacy, an unmarried father has absolutely no legal parental rights.

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