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Keep Your Divorce Out of Court

Ask about divorce mediation in Decatur & Gwinnett County, GA

If your divorce makes its way into the courtroom, it can be a long, stressful and expensive process. Avoid court appearances by getting divorce mediation from Hopkins Law, LLC.

Our attorney will work with you and your partner to create legal agreements and resolve matters outside of the court system.

Get more information by speaking with our divorce lawyer today. We provide legal services in Decatur and Atlanta, GA.

Legal support through your divorce

Whether it's just you and your partner or there are children involved, going through a divorce is never easy. However, you can manage the stress by working with an experienced attorney.

Our divorce lawyer will...

  • Meet with you for a free consultation
  • Work hard to help you resolve matters out of court
  • Advocate for you during the entire process
Make this process easier with divorce mediation services from Hopkins Law. Call now to schedule a free consultation.

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