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Uncontested Divorce Case Without Minor Children

Thomas and Eleanor had been married for almost five years, but had been living separately for the last three years. There were no children born to the marriage.  During the three years of separation they would periodically make attempts to reunite, but those attempts never held fast.  Both Thomas and Eleanor came from families with […]

Uncontested Divorce Case with Minor Children

Marcus and Jeanette had been married for three and a half years.  They were high school sweat hearts, but that relationship ended when they both went to college out of state.  After college they both came home to the Atlanta area and soon thereafter rekindled their relationship.  As with so many marriages, the proposal came after Jeanette […]

Non Custodial Parent’s Refusal to Return Child

This Result is in fact the result of numerous cases with the same fact pattern, the most recent being from 2012.  These cases happen more often than we may think. When a child is born outside of wedlock in Georgia, the father has no enforceable rights to custody or visitation with the child unless and […]

Selling a Business – Don’t forget to Notify all Vendors and Account Holders

John called me for a free consultation regarding numerous collection lawsuits filed against him individually and against a company that he had sold about two years earlier.  The total combined amount of damages sought in the seven lawsuits approached $200,000.00. John developed a very successful home remodeling company that did business throughout the Metro Atlanta area.  […]

Return of Child to Custodial Parent

Judy called the office for a free consultation and she explained that a friend, or former friend of hers had her child and was refusing to return the child to her.  Judy was a young, unmarried mother who was down on her luck.  Judy befriended an older lady and eventually moved into the older lady’s home […]